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Frequently Asked 

Please be sure to read through our most frequently asked questions for your corresponding venue below. If your question cannot be found below, please feel free to email us! 


Q: Is there parking for my guests? 

A: We provide a designated parking arena with a 100 car capacity. Additionally, we provide a shuttle service to take your guests from the parking arena up to the tented area. We also provide designated drop-off areas for disabled guests. 

Q: Am I able to view the location prior to booking? 

A: Yes, we highly encourage you to schedule a free tour of our venues to hear what we offer in person regarding pricing, venue rules/regulations and any questions you may have. 

Q: How many people are allowed to attend the tour? 

A: A total of four guests are allowed to attend the tour. It is a great opportunity to include others in your special event planning process. 

Q: Do you provide catering?/Can I bring my own catering?

A: Each of our packages at all our venues include catering. We have an extensive menu available to you, as well as tastings for formal events. Unfortunately, clients are not able to provide their own catering. 

Q: Am I able to host an event during the week? 

A: We are able to host events during the week as well! We understand sometimes anniversaries or special dates happen during the week and we embrace those event opportunities. 

Q: Does SDPE charge a deposit? 

A: We require two paid deposits. The first one is a reservation deposit required to book your event with us. The second one is due 30 days prior to your event and is a retainer damage deposit. 

Q: What is the retainer damage deposit used for?

A: The retainer damage deposit is due 30 days prior to your event date. It is required along with your event insurance in the case there are any damages or missing property at your special event. 

Q: Do I need event insurance? 

A: SDPE requires event insurance for all events. We have a link to make it easy for you. Please reach out for more details.

Q: What is required to book my event? 

A: We require a few initialed documents, a signed contract and a reservation deposit. We are unable to hold dates for clients who have not submitted all three requirements. 

Q: I have given my reservation deposit. What comes next? 

A: After we have received all three requirements to reserve, we add you to our online system and create your client portal. We then create a monthly payment plan for the remaining event balance. 

Q: Does SDPE accept credit/debit card payments?

A: SDPE does accept this form of payment, however there is a 3.8% charge per payment. We also accept checks, cash and e-payments. Please inquire for more details. 

Q: Does SDPE offer discounts? 

A: We offer tax-free rates for military service members (active duty) and first responders.


Q: Does SDPE host micro-weddings?  

A: Yes, we gladly host micro-weddings. Restrictions may apply, please inquire for more details. 

Q: What happens if I need to reschedule my event date? 

A: In the case clients need to reschedule or postpone an event date, there is an amendment added to the contract and there may be additional fees. Please inquire for more details. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: We understand that sometimes there are special circumstances that do not allow for events to take place. In order to try to avoid cancellations as much as possible due to events being a long planning process, we strive to be as accommodating as we can be during difficult times. Depending on the circumstance, an SDPE representative advises the client(s) the options available to them in such circumstances. Please inquire for more information. 

La Hacienda

La Hacienda 


Q: Where is La Hacienda located? 

A: We are located at 2575 Monument Rd. San Diego CA, 92154. 

Q: How big is the location? 

A: We have seven acres available to you, including our tented area, cocktail lounge area, four ceremonial sites, restrooms, a pond and a parking arena. 

Q: What is the venue capacity? 

A: The venue capacity is 350 guests. 

Q: Are we allowed to utilize La Hacienda for wedding photos? 

A: We highly encourage adding the Cocktail Hour upgrade to give celebrants a little extra time for photo opportunities before the reception begins. Otherwise, we are able to sneak you away during the reception for intimate photo opportunities. 

Q: Is live music allowed at the venue? 

A: We do allow live music at La Hacienda. From Banda to Mariachi to violinists, they are sure to make an impact at your special event. 

Q: Is there a room for the celebrant to utilize the day of the event? 

A: There is a small room provided for formal events for the celebrant to stay in before making their grand entrance. Please inquire for more details. 

Q: Are vendors able to view the venue before the day of the event? 

A: Vendors are able to come visit La Hacienda to get a feel of the space. We highly encourage making an appointment and bringing vendors like photographers, DJ vendors and live music. 

Q: Are sparklers allowed? 

A: Individual sparklers are allowed but not recommend as they can only be lit on asphalt due to potential fire hazards. Cold sparkler machines are recommended and are allowed to be used under the tented area. 

Q: What is the latest end time for events? 

A: SDPE allows clients to host their events until midnight (12:00am) at La Hacienda. For details regarding end times at El Viñedo, please contact us. 


Q: I have a children attending my special event. Are they included in my guest count? 

A: Children from the ages of one to five are not counted in your guest count, as they are usually seated on their parents laps. Children six and older are included in your guest count. 

Q: How many restrooms are there? 

A: There are three stalls at La Hacienda. Our staff regularly ensures the restrooms are stocked and remain clean throughout your event. 


Q: How long is the duration of the ceremony? 

A: Adding the ceremony to your package adds an additional hour to your event. However the duration of your ceremony the day of your event is only 25-45 minutes long. The remaining time allows guests to arrive at a timely manner, to avoid interruptions. 

Q: Am I allowed to throw artificial flowers/petals down the aisle the day of my event? 

A: Unfortunately, artificial petals are prohibited due to the fact that they do not decompose. 

Q: Am I able to have a ceremony rehearsal?

A: Yes, we include an hour of rehearsal time with all formal packages, scheduled the week of your event. Celebration packages do not include a rehearsal. 

Q: Do I have to bring my own arch? 

A: You are welcome to bring your own, however we do offer you four different types of arches and we drape it for you the day of your event. We do not provide any floral arrangements or greenery. 

Q: What is the guest capacity for my ceremony? 

A: We offer four different ceremonial sites on our property, each with different guest capacities. 

Q: Are floral decorations included in my ceremony? 

A: The venue provides an draped arch from our selection, a podium and a speaker. All floral arrangements for the arch and for aisle decorations must be brought from a florist. 

Q: Are guests allowed to enter the reception area during the ceremony? 

A: Unfortunately, the reception area remains closed until the listed time it is scheduled to open. The reception area also remains closed during the cocktail hour.

Q: Is the bar open during my ceremony? 

A: Unfortunately the bar remains closed until either the cocktail hour or reception begins. This is in effort to discourage guests from standing or leaving before the ceremony is over. We do provide a water station for guests during the ceremony. 

Q: Is the officiant for my ceremony included? 

A: We do not include an officiant or a microphone when clients add the ceremony to their package. We do provide a podium, an arch from our selection with drapes, chairs and a water station. We also do not include any kind of floral arrangement for the arch or aisle decorations.

Q: Is there music playing during my ceremony? 

A: We provide you with a speaker, however, the client is required to assign someone to play music via bluetooth or hire the event DJ for an additional hour to play music during your ceremony. 



Q: What is included in your reception? 

A: We have different packages for different types of events. Generally we include the hall, tables, chairs, linen, catering, refreshments and set up before your event as well as clean up after your event. Please inquire for details regarding packages.


Q: Do you include appetizer and/or dessert tables in your package? 

A: We provide a table or structure to place these items, however they are not included in the reception package. We do have them available as an upgrade clients can add to their event. 

Q: Do you offer coffee? 

A: Yes! We offer a full coffee station for your guests as an upgrade. 

Q: Am I able to have bottles or buckets of alcohol on guests' tables? 

A: To ensure the safety of your guests and our staff, alcohol is prohibited on guests' tables. All alcohol must be served from the bar. This includes but is not limited to apple cider bottles, alcoholic bottles and buckets of beer. 


Q: Am I able to burn candles on guests' tables? 

A: Clients are able to burn candles on guests tables as long as they are placed in a votive or glass. We do not provide candles. 

Q: Am I allowed to do a sparkler send off? 

A: Yes, it is a beautiful addition to any special occasion. We host the send off on the hill leading up to our tented area. We are not able to hold the send off anywhere else to avoid fire hazards. 

Q: Is there a deadline to finalize any changes made to my event? 

A: All changes must be made 30 days prior to the reserved event date. Any changes made after that are not guaranteed. 



Q: Do you offer a tasting? 

A: We do provide a tasting for formal events. As for celebrations, we do not provide a tasting as there is a different catering service available. Please inquire for more details.

Q: I have a lot of children attending my event. Do you offer children's plates? 

A: We offer a few different children's plates. Clients are also able to bring pizza for a stress free children's dinner that everyone loves! 

Q: Do you offer specialty plates? (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free)

A: Yes! We are pleased to offer all three specialty plates for you and your guests at no additional cost. 

Q: Am I able to bring my own catering service?

A: We include catering in all our packages. Clients are not permitted to bring their own catering for dinner. They are welcome to bring them as a Late Night Snack. 

Q: What is a "Late Night Snack"? 

A: SDPE allows guests to bring some type of finger or fast food a few hours later dinner. This includes but is not limited to waffles, hot dogs, pizza, etc. It is a great addition to special events. 

Q: How do I relay guests' allergies? 

A: If any of your guests have allergies, please let us know as soon as possible so we are able to relay the information to our catering service. The notes also get added to your client portal. 



Q: What kind of bar service do you provide? 

A: We provide an open bar; clients provide the alcohol and the included bartender serves all drinks. The bartender is instructed to make simple, two to three ingredient drinks in efforts to keep a line from forming. 

Q: Does SDPE charge cork fees? 

A: SDPE waives all cork and service fees. 

Q: What is included with the bar?

A: We provide unlimited sodas Squirt and Coke, both to be used at sodas and mixers. We also include water, lemonade, disposable cups and napkins and ice to both chill your drinks and use inside your drinks. 

Q: How many bottles of champagne are recommended for toasts? 

A: We strongly recommend you only buy one special bottle for either the bride and groom or a small group to enjoy with the honored celebrants. We highly encourage guests to toast with their individual drinks from the bar. 

Q: How much alcohol should I provide for my event? 

A: Each event is different. Depending on your guest count and if your guests are drinkers or not will determine how much alcohol you should purchase. It also helps to know what guests like to drink, we recommend asking your guests. We allow up to three different types of liquor and beer. 

Q: Am I able to hire a "shot cart" vendor? 

A: Yes, shot cart vendors are permitted at La Hacienda. Vendors must have valid licenses and certifications for their services.

Q: Are kegs of beer permitted? 

A: Unfortunately, kegs of beer are not permitted at SDPE events. Kegs create long wait times at the bar and a lot of product is wasted due to foam. Glass bottles are permitted but get served into a cup and beer cans are the preferred method. 

Q: What happens if there is liquor left over from my event? 

A: All remaining beverages provided by the client are returned at the end of the night. 


El Viñedo 
The Vineyard


Q: What is the venue capacity? 

A: This event site has a capacity of 100 guests. 

Q: What is the latest end time for events?

A: At El Viñedo, we go based off a situational basis. We generally do brunches or day events at this location. However, we highly encourage you to inquire in the case it is available! 


Q: Does this location have restrooms? 

A: El Viñedo has its own private restroom. 

Q: Does this location have a bar/provide bar services?

A: This location has its own bar set up with a bartender as well. 

Q: Does this location have a dance floor? 

A: El Viñedo has a beautiful wooden dance floor in the center of guests tables. There are also chandeliers and string lights.

Q: Am I able to host a ceremony here? 

A: E Viñedo is great for small wedding ceremonies with a beautiful ambiance. Maximum capacity is 100 guests, 

Q: Is live music permitted at this location? 

A: Mariachi trios, smaller mariachi bands of five and violinists are permitted at this location. 

Q: Am I able to hire a DJ for this location?

A: At this location, a large speaker is provided for you to play music via bluetooth. You are able to hire our DJ services for this venue only. Other DJ vendors are not permitted to play at this location. 

El Viñedo
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