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Looking for an affordable wedding venue in San Diego?  Look no further!  Here at San Diego Planning Events we offer three unique venues suitable for all types of events. 

San Diego Planning Events has around 8 years of experience in the event planning industry. At SDPE, our staff and coordinators are dedicated to providing you with a memorable, beautiful experience, no matter the event. We work closely to discuss and achieve your dream event. 


La Hacienda is our beautiful rustic outdoor, farm-house venue perfect for memorable weddings, quinceañera, and private parties. Nova33 Event Venue is our classic indoor venue suitable for banquets, birthday celebrations, weddings, Quinceñeras and more. Last but not least, El Viñedo is our smaller venue, ideal for intimate social gatherings such as bridal and baby showers.


Yesica, our 5-star event coordinator and our SDPE Team are sure to relieve any stress that comes with event planning by guiding you every step of the way.

For more information regarding pricing, services and tours of our venues, please contact us below! 

We look forward to planning your special celebration!



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